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12/01/16 10:29AM
Top Attractions of Erhai Lake
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One of your way functions is said to be a boat generate. People can generate veins to see wats or wats or temples and little isles in the lake China tourism, and they may have fun with a good by special treats and the Bai tea marriage while they are doing so. In the easy marriage, three different...

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11/01/16 09:06AM
Impression of Lugu Lake Guide
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Lugu Lake Visit china can be found 200 kilometers (approximately 124 miles) from the middle of Lijiang City, on the boundary between Ninglang Nation in Yunnan Region and Yanyuan Nation in Sichuan Region. The river is like a beautiful gem glowing among the mountains of the north western level in...

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08/01/16 10:17AM
Travel Lijiang to Tranquil Lugu Lake
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Location: Lugu Lake China travel is located between Liangshan Li Separate Precture, Sichuan Area and Ninglang Li Separate Precture, Lijiang City, Yunnan Area.

Population: 15,000

Area: with an location of more than 50 rectangular shape kilometers

Nationalities: Individuals around the...

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05/01/16 04:45AM
Suzhou Things to Do for Travel
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Suzhou China tours is the very first source of China traditional garden art, and one of China historical richesse with a record over 2000 years. Built by He Lv, the most popular master of Wu Condition, Suzhou in China is also one of several old places that still keep their unique looks, though it...

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12/11/15 04:59AM
Well-known Barkhor Street of Lhasa Travel
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Barkhor Street covering Johkang Forehead is one of the three pilgrimage circulations in Lhasa Tour to China. The other two are respectively within Jokhang Forehead and around the Potala Framework. This very first road was take a position out by continuous...

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