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17/04/15 10:59AM
What to see in Guangxi Ethnic Relics Center
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Similar to concept of protecting home with fence, minority groups have their own "fence" - Zhai Men (寨门, village gate China vacation deals) as well. An original minority style village gate is usually built on the main entrance of a village. It is traditionally...

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16/04/15 09:43AM
Learn something about Hemu Tuwa Ethnic Village
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Hemu Grassland China travel deals is relaxing in an intermountain mistake sink where Kanas Stream and Hemu Stream fulfill, which range from 1124 metres to 2300 metres. Enclosed by dense and wide hills and cut by the waterways, the sink has established complex landforms....

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15/04/15 05:27AM
The Detailed Travel Guide of Shanxi Province
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Shanxi is located in the northern part of China, in the middle reaches of the Yellow River Yangtze River tour. It borders Hebei to the east, Shaanxi to the west, Henan to the south, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north. The name Shanxi (literal meaning...

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14/04/15 08:01AM
Beijing Travel - Beijing Lama Temple Architecture and Works
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China Yong He Gong Lama Forehead China vacation deals, situated along the north-south main axis, which has a duration of 480 metres. The primary checkpoint at the southeast end of this axis. Along the axis, there are five primary areas, divided by courtyards: The Area...

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13/04/15 05:42AM
Travel Experience to Kokmarim Rock Cave (Zanmu Miao)
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The Kokmarim Stone Cavern is situated near Layka Township China vacation deals, about 34 km south west of Khotan town at the eastern financial institution of the Karakash Stream. The cave is situated 50 percent way up the hills, about 80m above the stream financial institution....

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