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17/09/15 11:08AM
Lost in the beauty of Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
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Sanya Nanshan Buddhism Social Travel and leisure Area China travel is one of the biggest cultural touring opportunities in China suppliers, it's situated about 40 miles western of Sanya Town along the Hainan West Expressway. There are three individual recreational areas within Nanshan: Nanshan...

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10/09/15 09:57AM
Learn about Yunnan via Yunnan Nationalities Village
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Yunnan Countries Town is in the Haigeng China travel service, Chung from east to european is a narrow peninsula into the Dianchi Pond Seaside, commonly known as "Haigeng." The place of ??2 miles, there is a organic swimming beach and sports training platform for a great place for summertime...

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09/09/15 10:05AM
Get to know Nanbei Lake
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The Nanbei Pond Visit china is the only one to have a amazing system of hill-lake-and-sea landscapes in Chinese suppliers. Situated in Haiyan Nation, Hangzhou Town, Zhejiang Region, the Nanbei Pond is very popular in the south east part of the Chinese suppliers for its originality and attraction....

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08/09/15 09:38AM
Learn something about Huitengxile Grassland
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With an elevation of over 1800 metres and 100 miles from the eastern to the western, Huitengxile Grassland China travel service is in the Qahar Right Side Center Advertising of Ulanqab Group 135 miles away from Hohhot. “Huitengxile” indicates “cold plateau” in Mongolia, but don't let that...

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07/09/15 10:41AM
The brief introduction to History and Culture of Mt. Yandang
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Popular as “wonderful landscapes in China” for a lengthy record, Mt. Yandang Visit china is among the first-level picturesque identify. This hill is in accordance with the organic landscapes with great visual and medical value and has becomes a spatial complexness that can significantly satisfy...

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