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01/09/15 08:54AM
The detailed information on Tiger Valley
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In Beijing's far northwestern region of Changping can be found the Competition Place Organic Picturesque Place China land tours, about 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) from town center China. Its highest optimum is 1,060 metres (3,480 feet), and the valley floor has an level of 850 metres (2,790 feet). Spectacular hills,...

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31/08/15 09:24AM
Get to know History and Culture of Xiangguo Temple
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The Xiangguo Forehead has fantastic history Visit china; it is one of popular Buddhism facilities in historical China suppliers. It is initially the former residing of Wuji, a popular individual in of Wei, springtime and Warring empire. In 555, the temple was started to develop, and it was first...

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28/08/15 09:31AM
Best travel experience to Three Riversí Headwaters Natural Reserve Area
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The Sanjiangyuan Nationwide Characteristics Source China land tours is the second biggest nature reserve on the globe, as well as the biggest and most comprehensive wetland secured globe. It has a inhabitants of roughly 200,000 individuals living within its 152,300 km2 - a area place bigger than Britain and Wales...

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27/08/15 11:22AM
Travel Guide - The Gorgeous Chinese Painting to be Found in Zhangjiajie
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Zhangjiajie toursim in China is located in north west of Hunan Region, Chinese suppliers. Well-known for its fascinating scenery, Zhangjiajie is one of the most popular holiday locations in Chinese suppliers. Zhangjiajie is especially popular for its hill hills and woodlands recreational areas. There are extreme...

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26/08/15 09:09AM
Get to know Peking Opera Theater of Jilin Province
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The Peking Safari Cinema of Jilin Region China land tours was established in Oct 1958. Its past administrators involved Mao Shilai, Wang Mingyi and Music Dezhu and its current film director is Ouyang Jiaren.

The theater has its unique collection, such as legendary Peking opera The Warp speed Hill, which...

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