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25/08/15 09:47AM
Travel Guide - Tianjin Folk Custom Museum
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Individuals customized is an integral aspect of regional way of life and also a great percentage of regional charm and difference from other places China land tours. Today, many regions are trying their best to manipulate their own difference and originality for enhancing their travel resources, and folk customized...

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24/08/15 10:54AM
Travel Guide - Shanghai Opera: as Traditional as Beijing Opera
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Huju, or "Shanghai opera" is a wide range of China safari Tour of China from the place of Shanghai. It is generally sang in the Shanghainese language. Shanghai Opera (Huju) started at about the same time as China Opera, around 200 decades ago. However, the Shanghai edition of safari is depending on local folk-songs...

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20/08/15 09:41AM
Explore the area of Museum of Chengde Summer Resort
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The Collection of Chengde Summer Tour of China time season Resort, a history art collection of Chinese providers mansions in the Qing Kingdom (1644-1911). It is in the Chengde Summer time season Resort, which is a key public artifacts maintenance sites under the state protection. The accommodation was once the main...

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19/08/15 09:24AM
Hong Kong Travel Experience - Hong Kong Museum of Tea Ware
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The Hong Kong Art gallery of Tea Ware China land tours is a specific museum. In the northern side of Hong Kong Recreation area and subsidized by the Hong Kong Town Management Institution, the museum was started out to the public in This summer 1984. The museum is a two-storeyed building with 6 show areas, and...

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18/08/15 10:24AM
Learn something about Lusheng Dance
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Lusheng is an vintage reed device. The lengthiest actions more than 1 zhang (1 zhang = 3.3 meters), while the quickest is less than 1 chi (1 chi = 1/3 meter). Some have a highest possible of 10 reeds in one Lusheng, while others only have only one reed or two reeds. The most well-known Lushengs China...

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