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05/08/15 04:43AM
Where is Zharu Valley?
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Zharu Place is a trip Tour to China path mixing the organic and lifestyle scenery of Jiuzhaigou Picturesque Place. You can not only enjoy wonderful organic scenery but also the vision of the pleasant scenery of Tibetans and the exclusive appeal of Benbo Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.


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03/08/15 04:46AM
Famous attractions in Xinjiang - Bezeklik Caves
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Bezeklik Caverns China travel, also known as the Bizaklik Thousand-Buddha Caverns, is situated in a stunning area of the Warp speed Hills. More than 100 caves were hewn out of this high cliff experience between the 6th and 9th thousands of years by Buddhist priests who captive-raised the area...

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31/07/15 04:54AM
Where is Tenglong Cave?
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Tenglong Give Picturesque Identify Tours in China, 6 km from the town of Lichuan town, a complete place of 69 rectangle miles, incorporated with hills, h2o, cave, woodlands, with strange, quiet, wonderful. The entry of cave is 74 metres great, 64 metres extensive, 235 metres as the peak, initial...

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30/07/15 04:42AM
Travel Experience to Mount Zhuizishan Forest Park
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In the Forests Entertainment position, Zhuizishan Hill Visit china is the main part with the the best possible 97 meters above sea level, and it is contains Southern and European Mountains. It is said that on the Southern Hill, there was a natural and components having the form of an awl, so...

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29/07/15 04:31AM
Appreciate the beautiful view around Lugu Lake
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Lugu Pond can be found 200 kilometers (pretty nearly 124 miles) from the within of Lijiang Town Visit china, on the edge between Ninglang Nation in Yunnan Region and Yanyuan Nation in Sichuan Region. It is just like a amazing gem dazzling among the hills of the north west stage in Yunnan.Lugu Lake


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